Target Style: Shoe-palooza

Avid Target shoppers of the world unite!

It is no secret that I am a Targetaholic. I'm probably there twice a week and I wish I was kidding. Sorta.
Recently it seems Target's fashion has been kicked up a few notches. On. point. I used to be able to find some gems here and there between clothing and shoes, but now I have a wishlist a mile long. Bravo, Target!

While I've always gone to Target to find stylish shoes at a great price, I haven't always had the best luck. Sometimes the quality is a bit dodgy and styles are hit or miss. Since about June of this year though, I've been on a Target shoe kick. I bought four pairs of sandals over the summer, and now that the new boots and pumps are in for the season, I'm going crazy all over again. 

The first pair I have to mention are the Merona Meg pumps, particularly in leopard. Why leopard you ask? Well, I've been looking for a staple pair of leopard pumps with no embellishments for a few years now, and, these are dead ringers for the J. Crew Collection Etta pumps in leopard. $350 or $30... take your pick. I purchased the Merona pumps about two months ago and I'm quite impressed. The chunky heel makes them really easy to walk in, the height isn't outrageous for daily wear and they're surprisingly comfortable. Duped!

I'm also really impressed by the quality of Target's boots this season. Moto is very in, and while I like it, I wasn't looking to buy a pair of studded boots or anything with a ton of hardware. I came across the Mossimo Kyla boot and I had to snag a pair for myself and my momma! The upper is polyurethane but can sure pass for leather. It's super soft and durable. The buckles add great detail without being over the top and the boot shaft hits just below my calves. These will be getting a ton of use!

Do you remember the DV by Dolce Vita Ciaran boots from last season? Didn't get your hands on them like me? No worries, Target has you covered. I give you the Mossimo Kodi ankle boot. These babies were modeled almost identically to the DV boots. While the suede of course feels like, well, faux suede, the boot is still well-constructed. They have both the black with red inside the zipper, and the tan with blue. One of each, please!

The next pair of boots have to get a mention simply because I saw them and thought to myself "Wait. This is Target. These are not Target boots. Are they really Target boots?" Really, self, they are. I could not resist the Merona Kailey boots. Just as with the Kyla boots, the material is super soft and doesn't look like insanely cheap fake leather. The hardware is substantial and these are going to last a few seasons without a doubt. They're extremely comfortable and versatile. The heel height allows for them to be dressed up, but they're simple enough that they can polish off any casual outfit.

Last but certainly not least, the Sam & Libby Kaye boots need to be talked about. They're just screaming for you to run out and buy them. The Sam & Libby summer line was a huge hit and most of the sandals I mentioned at the beginning of this post were Sam & Libby. Great quality and extremely comfortable. I'm so happy they came out with a fall line and it does not disappoint. These boots are everything. I can hear them sitting in my closet right now calling to me to throw on some black skinnies, a vampy lip and hit the town!
Tip: If you find a price online different from the store, check out at the customer service desk and they will price match!

I could probably go on for days about how much I love Target, but I'll end this here... that is if you're still reading and haven't run out to scoop up some of these shoes right this moment. Most of these will be sure to sell out, so get on it! What are some of your favorite Target finds?


  1. I am a total Targetaholic too, but you can't help it when they have such great items at amazing prices! I may have to go scoop up the Sam & Libby booties. They look so expensive. Love reading, thanks for this post!


    1. Us crazy Target shoppers have to stick together! You're welcome and thank *you* for reading!