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Pretty Polishes for Sand & Sun

If you haven't glazed your tips with the brightest neons under the sun yet, what are you waiting for? It's summer!
I don't think you ever need an excuse for punchy polish, but the season is right! I've gathered some of my favorite polishes for summer to share today. A few neutrals, brights and pretty blues make for a beautiful seasonal palette.



Maybelline Dare To Go Nude Swatches & Review, Part II

OH yeah, more limited edition goodies. 

Maybelline hit it big this year. I'll cut to the chase and say I'm loving everything this collection had to offer. I can't stop obsessing over the Color Elixirs and the lipsticks are perfection. I still hate the smell, but I can put that aside for some perfectly pigmented stuff. 

I decided on two of the eye shadow palettes - Bare It Buff and Taupe Tease. All four of the options looked beautiful, but I haven't had the best experience with Maybelline's quads. If I liked these enough, I'd consider buying the others.

Bare It Buff was my first choice of the palettes. I love yellow-toned neutrals and that pink was calling to me. All of the shades here have a bit of shimmer to them. The shadows were more pigmented than I expected, but by no means does that mean they're pigmented by high-end standards. Regardless, I'm happy with this purchase. I think formula is vastly superior to that of their previous quads. 

Taupe Tease is the surprise winner for me. This is pigmented like you wouldn't believe for a Maybelline quad. I like this far more than Bare It Buff, which I didn't anticipate in the least. I would still suggest wearing a good primer on your eyes and patting these shadows as opposed to swiping, but I think this would be a purchase you won't regret. (Look at that black shadow. Hello.)

I purchased all four of the lipsticks. If it says "nude," I'm buying them all. Seeing as Maybelline released The Buffs lipstick line recently, I was afraid we might be running into some dupe-able products, but much to my surprise, these are all unique. The formula was very creamy and they had strong pigments. The colors were a bit deeper than I was anticipating, but I'm not complaining! They're much more versatile than pale neutrals.

Raw Reveal, Nude Embrace, Ravishing Rose, Barely Bronze

Raw Reveal, Nude Embrace, Ravishing Rose, Barely Bronze
The Color Elixirs. I'm not sure I can ramble about these without it becoming a gush fest. I can't get enough. The pigmentation, the lasting power, the shine, the shades themselves... good on you, Maybelline. These may be my favorite new drugstore launch. I purchased the three lightest shades in the collection - Polished Petal, Radiant Bloom and Sandy Sensation. I've been wearing Polished Petal on the reg and a backup will be purchased soon. The colors are gorgeous and as an added bonus, they smell delicious.

Polished Petal, Radiant Bloom, Sandy Sensation

Polished Petal, Radiant Bloom, Sandy Sensation
I couldn't be happier with my picks from this collection, and I'm seriously considering buying the other two shadow quads. If you've made some purchases, tell me what you're loving! Is there anything from this collection you just had to have?

You can purchase this collection at most grocery and drugstores. 


March Favorites and Makeup/Fashion FOMO

I'm right on time, guys! It's mid-April, and that means March favorites!

Shop my favorites!
Pantene hairspray / LORAC primer / UD Hustle &Toasted / NARS Orgasm / L'Oreal True Match

Pantene Anti-Humidity hairspray - This is climbing the ranks on my hairspray list. It leave smy hair much less "crunchy" that my usual Tresemme, and it smells like angels. Really. You all know how good Pantene shampoo smells. It's great for an everyday hold or to keep a simple updo together. We'll see when we get into mid-July if it really is humidity-proof. I found this on clearance at Target recently, so I *hope* it's not being discontinued. (With my luck, it will be.)

LORAC Behind the Scenes eye primer - Watch out, Urban Decay, you have competition. I've been using the sample of this that came with my PRO palette and I love it. It feels much less oily to me than the Primer Potion.

Urban Decay Hustle and Toasted - How funny that two of my least used colors in the Naked palette are this month's favorites? Swiping Toasted on the lid and Hustle in the outer corner makes for an amazing evening luck. I wore it out to dinner with the beau in New Orleans last weekend and I loved the look.

NARS Orgasm - The oldie but forever goodie. This comes with me every time I travel. It's the go-with-anything, perfect all the time blush. You need it. 

L'Oreal True Match - I've been back to the original formula lately, and I'm extremely happy with it. It has a great matte finish without leaving my face feeling weighed down by product, and it sure lasted well in the New Orleans humidity. 
As the title suggests, we're also going to be talking about FOMO today; the fear of missing out. I suffer from some serious fashion/cosmetics FOMO and I know I'm not alone. That pair of shoes that just came out at Target that you know will be so popular you just have to get before they sell out. Then they sell out and you don't get them. You browse Instagram and every time you see someone in those shoes... instant sadness. Just the anticipation of not getting said limited edition item in FOMO, my friends. When that limited edition Wet n Wild palette hits the shelves, I've gotta have it. Right now! I don't want to miss out on something super cool. 
You know what helps my FOMO? When companies make awesome limited edition products part of their permanent line! I can hear sighs of relief across the land when the press release come out saying some glorious, lust-worthy product is returning. They sold so well before, why not re-release and profit? Hourglass has announced that the Ambient Lighting palette that appeared for holiday 2013 is returning and permanent! I am over the moon about this, as I never got my hands on it and I have since purchased Ambient Lighting powders that are not in the palette with the hopes of finding it. MAC has also announced that they are adding some of their most popular limited edition or once pro-status lipsticks to their permanent line! If you missed out on Flamingo, Sushi Kiss or Pink Pigeon, they're here to stay and should be at a location near you soon! Nordstrom is already showing them available for purchase, but are back-ordered until 4/28.
If you've ever gotten some serious FOMO, tell me about it! I love knowing I'm not alone in my obsessions.