Maybelline Dare To Go Nude Swatches & Review, Part II

OH yeah, more limited edition goodies. 

Maybelline hit it big this year. I'll cut to the chase and say I'm loving everything this collection had to offer. I can't stop obsessing over the Color Elixirs and the lipsticks are perfection. I still hate the smell, but I can put that aside for some perfectly pigmented stuff. 

I decided on two of the eye shadow palettes - Bare It Buff and Taupe Tease. All four of the options looked beautiful, but I haven't had the best experience with Maybelline's quads. If I liked these enough, I'd consider buying the others.

Bare It Buff was my first choice of the palettes. I love yellow-toned neutrals and that pink was calling to me. All of the shades here have a bit of shimmer to them. The shadows were more pigmented than I expected, but by no means does that mean they're pigmented by high-end standards. Regardless, I'm happy with this purchase. I think formula is vastly superior to that of their previous quads. 

Taupe Tease is the surprise winner for me. This is pigmented like you wouldn't believe for a Maybelline quad. I like this far more than Bare It Buff, which I didn't anticipate in the least. I would still suggest wearing a good primer on your eyes and patting these shadows as opposed to swiping, but I think this would be a purchase you won't regret. (Look at that black shadow. Hello.)

I purchased all four of the lipsticks. If it says "nude," I'm buying them all. Seeing as Maybelline released The Buffs lipstick line recently, I was afraid we might be running into some dupe-able products, but much to my surprise, these are all unique. The formula was very creamy and they had strong pigments. The colors were a bit deeper than I was anticipating, but I'm not complaining! They're much more versatile than pale neutrals.

Raw Reveal, Nude Embrace, Ravishing Rose, Barely Bronze

Raw Reveal, Nude Embrace, Ravishing Rose, Barely Bronze
The Color Elixirs. I'm not sure I can ramble about these without it becoming a gush fest. I can't get enough. The pigmentation, the lasting power, the shine, the shades themselves... good on you, Maybelline. These may be my favorite new drugstore launch. I purchased the three lightest shades in the collection - Polished Petal, Radiant Bloom and Sandy Sensation. I've been wearing Polished Petal on the reg and a backup will be purchased soon. The colors are gorgeous and as an added bonus, they smell delicious.

Polished Petal, Radiant Bloom, Sandy Sensation

Polished Petal, Radiant Bloom, Sandy Sensation
I couldn't be happier with my picks from this collection, and I'm seriously considering buying the other two shadow quads. If you've made some purchases, tell me what you're loving! Is there anything from this collection you just had to have?

You can purchase this collection at most grocery and drugstores. 


  1. I love the eyeshadow palettes! The colors are so perfect and neutral, which I love for makeup!

  2. Nude Embrace by Maybelline is AMAZING. Your blog is adorbs! So happy to have found you <3