Wet n Wild Beauty Army Color Icon Trios - Swatches and Review

Here we are again! Wet n Wild recently released six limited edition eye shadow trios and I went on a hunt to find them!

Surprisingly, I found these pretty easily. I strolled into the Walgreens a few blocks from my house and there they were in a little cardboard endcap. Ta-da! Much easier than the witch hunt I underwent to find the Pop Art trios, which you can read about here

I was left feeling a little empty after swatching the Pop Art trios. The quality just wasn't on par with usual Wet n Wild releases, but let me tell you - these new babies lifted my spirits. The theme here is military, which is super hot for the season. While the colors do vary, I'd say most of these trios are wearable and great for every-day use. 

I Don't Do Camouflage - The blue trio of the bunch. All shades in the trio appear to have a bit of shimmer, but when swatched, only the lightest shade appears a bit frosty. As with many navy shadows that I've encountered, the darkest in the bunch appears nearly black. Nonetheless, a great find if you're looking for a variety of blue shadows without spending $10/pan. 

Zero Dark Flirty - The name of this trio makes me cringe a bit, but the colors are pretty great. The lightest of the purples is pretty sheer, but I love the dusty tone they all possess. 

Spoiled Army Brat - I was ready to define this as the pink trio in the collection, and while it looks pink, the swatches prove that it's so much more. The top shade is a mauvey shimmer, the middle is a deep coral and the bottom is a very shimmery peach shade. The top and bottom shades remind me a lot of MAC Plum Dressing and Expensive Pink respectively. My first thought was that I'd use this trio the least, but I love these colors for the season. 

Enlisting For Beauty - Ah, classic neutrals. It would have been easy for Wet n Wild to make another basic trio similar to those in their permanent line, but this is something very new and different for their range of neutrals. The bottom color reminds me of dijon mustard, in a good way. The top shadow looks a little familiar... a dupe for MAC Samoa Silk or Soft Brown quite possibly. I can never get enough neutral palettes. but I prefer those that really bring something new to the table - I'm a fan of this combination. 

Soldiers in Charms - Green eye shadow and I are really fond of each other. Of the entire collection, I was most excited about this trio. The camera did not pick up on the golden shimmer in the darkest shade too well, but it's beautiful in person. I'm going to be having a ton of fun with the dusty jade color at the bottom of the trio as well. Considering a military collection would heavily rely on some solid green shades, these don't disappoint. 

Support Our Troops - The classic grey/black/white palette of the collection. Th best part of this trio is the black. It means business. It is so rich and pigmented that it might be one of the best blacks I have ever owned. I also love the shimmer in the white. I was expecting it to be chalky, but it's surprisingly good.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with these purchases. I know I've said it before, but Wet n Wild eye shadows are some of the best beauty buys on the market. While I purchased these a while back, I still have seen them on the shelves at various Walgreens locations. Get your hands on them while you can! 


  1. I'm trying to figure out why the pink toned ones and the grey/black ones have the darkest shade listed for the brow bone. I don't know about you, but I almost never go by what they say on the packaging.

    1. I have never understood that either. I'm with you - I use the colors in all different places. Can you picture people actually following the guides? Oh boy...