Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links

 Don't you just love stumbling upon new things?

While grabbing a salad on my lunch break at my local grocery store yesterday, I decided I'd casually peruse the beauty aisles on my way to the checkout. (Any excuse, right?) I've never found anything out of the ordinary at this store and they usually put out new makeup displays later than most drugstores. As soon as I walked by - BAM! A huge display with three shelves packed with nothing but new products. There were even new Wet n Wild releases, which aren't common at this grocery chain. What was I most excited about? All of the shiny new Revlon products staring back at me. 
A gigantic, full display of Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links were calling out to me. I read about the Shadow Links a month or so ago, but this is the first display I've seen in person. I decided I must pick up a few to see what they're all about, and of course to share them with you!
The first thing I noticed was the size. Since I had only seen pictures, they were a little smaller than I imagined them to be, but they are by no means smaller than average. The Revlon Colorstay Quads contain 0.16 oz. of product and each individual Shadow Link is 0.05 oz. Where size is concerned, that's some bang for your buck considering these are about $2.50 per shadow.

Dare I say that this idea is genius? Custom palettes are nothing revolutionary unless we're talking about drugstore makeup. I can't recall a time that any drugstore brand came out with something like this, but you can be sure many will follow. Both sides of every shadow have a track where they can connect to another. They easily slide in and you'll feel a bit of a click when the connection is solid. Once together, you can open each individual shadow from the bottom. For durability testing purposes, I grabbed an end and shook it all around to see how sturdy these would be; they didn't budge. I love the way Revlon has packaged these. They look like classic Revlon products - nothing flashy or gimmicky. 
I decided to purchase some can't-go-wrong neutrals - Bone, Taupe and Cocoa. I figure these will be the most popular shades of the collection. The shadows are very smooth, but they do not offer much by way of pigmentation. I don't think that will deter people from buying these as not everyone wants massively pigmented eye shadows. It's one of the key qualities I test before I buy, but with drugstore items you have to take your chances. Overall, I do like the three colors. They are very cool-toned and don't leave any fallout. I would say they're on par with any of Revlon's permanent eye shadows.

I do think Revlon has struck gold with this release. It makes creating your own custom palette easy and affordable. I may pick up a few more adventurous colors and see what I can come up with! Will you be trying out the Shadow Links? If you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I just spotted these too and was hoping to get taupe, but of course it's a popular color so no luck. I personally love sheerer shadows for an everyday wash of color. :)