China Glaze Pink Of Me Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness

More pink polish and more love for the tatas? Sign me up!

China Glaze's 2013 collection for breast cancer awareness features a pink creme and two glitters. I saw it and I knew I had to have it. 

The collection's namesake, Pink of Me, is a light baby pink creme. I was floored by this color. I am on an eternal hunt for the perfect white-based pink polish, and while this isn't quite that, it is still a gorgeous light pink. The formula was just slightly thick but incredibly opaque. I used two coats to get a perfectly smooth and streak-free application. 

I Pink I Can is a rosy pink glitter with varying sizes of hex glitter. There is a fairly good ratio of clear base to glitter, and it doesn't go on too thick. If you're looking for a pink glitter to cover your entire nail, this won't be it. It's definitely a topper as it would take far too many coats to cover the entire nail. When I first saw this, I immediately thought of essie's A Cut Above. In comparison, the formulas are very similar but the finish is different. The glitter is much more dense in A Cut Above and could cover the nail in about two good coats. However, unless you're a polish hoarder like me, I don't think having both is necessary.

This One's for You is the standout favorite in this collection for me. It's a gorgeous iridescent shimmer polish with iridescent hex glitter throughout. I can safely say I don't have anything else like it in my collection. No matter what color you put this over, it will always stay a variety of blues, pinks, and purples, but the appearance will change a bit depending on your base color. It's super shiny and I couldn't stop staring at it. The formula was great and I only need one coat to get the full effect. 

If you're going to pick up any one polish from the breast cancer collections of any brand, I say you should make that This One's for You, hands down. You won't regret it.


  1. Love the glitter! I have gold glitter on my nails right now!
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    xo, Christina

  2. Such pretty colors! I love them all!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    1. Aren't they beautiful? Thanks for reading!

  3. This is a very pretty trio! Pink is my favorite color and so I absolutely love your manicure! Can never go wrong with pink and sparkly! =) Thanks for coming by my blog! Following you thru GFC now, I hope you can come back and do the same and we can connect more! xx

  4. its so pretty :) pink and glitter two of my favorite things in this world :) xoxo