Wet n Wild Be A Runway Beauty Color Icon Trios - Swatches and Review

But wait, I thought you just did a Wet n Wild trio post? I did, but there are more!

Wet n Wild has been pumping out limited edition trios like a well-oiled machine the last few months. I. Am. Loving it! I have found these at multiple Walgreens locations, again in a cardboard endcap display. These three are on a display with three others from the permanent line of trios. The three I have today are the only limited edition ones of the bunch, but they do not have a sticker on them designating them as such. Don't get them mixed up!

Click below for the swatches and review! 

I meant to get this review out much earlier, but it just didn't happen. (Come on, Elise. Get on schedule!) However, I still have seen these in many Walgreens as recently as this past Monday, so you're still in luck!

Camera Obscura - I figured I'd start with my favorite this time around. This is the most neutral palette of the three, and I love it. Instead of your usual highlight, champagne lid color and brown crease, we have a peachy shade, a khaki and a deep navy. The combination is gorgeous. Each of these colors has a slight sheen but no sparkle. Perfection for fall!

Silent Era Film - While I don't necessarily think the colors in this trio complement each other, I do like the range. The lightest shimmery shade would be great for a little sheen on the browbone and I love the tone of the grey - very slate, almost blue. This coral color in the middle is so incredibly pigmented. I'll have to experiment with it and see what I can come up with. 

Grays Matter - A trio of very taupe-purple shades. I sense a purple smoky eye coming on. (Pictorial, maybe?) The darkest purple here is the only one of the three that does not have a sheen and is the only shadow of any of the trios that seemed a tad chalky. Nonetheless, I can say I don't have any similar colors in my collection and was a great addition. 

I love how different these trios are from the others Wet n Wild has released. With as many shadow collections as they've been releasing combined with the permanent collection, I was really expecting to see some dupes. To my surprise, I haven't really found any of these to be similar. Keep up the great work, Wet n Wild! 


  1. I love Grey's Matter! Definitely show us a tutorial using that one.

  2. it looks really good i am amazed how pigmented this is :) XOXO

  3. I love that these trios kind of urge us to create a wearable smoky eye. I love that Wet n Wild has been putting out these new trios so often; everyone kept saying they needed to put out more colors haha. You should do some looks with these :)