Swatched: Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather in Red

When textured polishes really hit their stride, I was pretty into it. The matte and suede polishes are some of my favorite effects, but recently I haven't been a fan of textured polishes at all. Crackle, sugar/sand, velvet, caviar - not my thing. I love experimenting with manicures, but none of these left me wanting more. 

Based on my history with recent texture collections, I was surprised the new " vintage leather" nail polish grabbed my attention. It sounded interesting and I thought I'd give it a shot. 
The color I chose was Red. Really, the name is simply Red but it's very bright and leans toward orange. Orange reds always appeal to me and in the bottle, this even appears to have a flakie shimmer throughout. The color itself is exactly the same in the bottle as it was on the nail; it didn't lose any vibrancy at all. 

The formula is very opaque and quite thick. If you aren't careful, you might have some trouble with application for two reasons: the thickness makes it difficult to cover the nail evenly and this dries SO fast. Faster than a regular matte, even. By the time I was on to the next nail, the previous one had already dried completely. If you work very slowly, you may even have issues with prior strokes drying on the nail you're still working on . Depending on your skill level and method of painting, this quick dry time can be a great or awful attribute. 

Overall, I like the polish, but it definitely didn't turn out to be a must-have. I honestly don't get the leather effect. I understand what Maybelline was going for here, but it turned out to look like a matte with some flakie glitter here and there. It could have been the color I choose, but I would think it's safe to assume the formula and result will be very similar throughout the line.

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