Swatched: L'Oreal Never Lacque-ing

Hello all! I'm back again with another nail polish swatch, this time from L'Oreal. I typically don't buy a lot of drugstore polishes as many of the colors are similar to things I already have in my collection. I have been impressed, however, by the increasing quality and diversity offered in drugstore polish lines.

L'Oreal's Mix and Matte collection for fall 2013 is limited edition and features three matte and three glossy nail polishes, as well as pretty little nail stickers for garnishing. Because I can't resist a great nude, I went for Never Lacque-ing. 

The formula is outstanding. It's an odd mix of a jelly and a creme, but it glides on smoothly and is surprisingly opaque for such a light color. The color itself is fantastic. I find that most nudes either pull very pink or very orange and Never Lacque-ing is neither. It would look great on any skin tone! The first coat was a tiny bit streaky, but not nearly as much as I was anticipating. I used two coats with a base and top coat. 

What I do love about these L'Oreal polishes is the brush. If you're familiar with Dior nail polishes, you'll know what I'm talking about. The tip of the brush is wide, but rounded. It makes creating a clean line at the cuticle so easy. If every company made brushes like this, I'd be a very happy girl. 

The wear was pretty fantastic as well. Four days went by without any chipping. Overall, I'd say this polish was a great find. The displays only have a couple of each color, so I'd suggest picking this up before it's gone. I would assume the other glossy polishes in this collection have the same finish and consistency, and while I haven't purchased any of them, they're probably great buys as well. As for the matte part of this collection, I did pick up one color which you will be seeing shortly in another post. :)

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