My Holy Grail Makeup Brushes

Today I want to talk to you about the foundation of makeup application.

No, not the skin-toned product you put on your face before everything else. 

I mean the real foundation, the tools you use to make it all happen. For me, the magic lies in my weapons of choice - my brushes. 

I've tried brand after brand after brand and I still haven't tried them all. I'm not sure anyone could. But, I feel like I have to look no further. I've found myself a life-long partner in Sigma. 

Before I go any further, I'm going to make a disclaimer and say that I am in no way affiliated with Sigma. I've purchased all of their brushes with my own hard-earned money, and I get nothing for saying anything good about their amazing products. I've read a lot of blogs where every reader seems to think the review is biased because they have some sort of business proposition with the company - I do not. These are my complete honest opinions, and here at A Bow On Top, I wouldn't give you anything less. (This isn't saying I wouldn't love to be partnered with them in the future, because that's awesome. But for now, I am just an adorer of what they do.)

I know everyone has heard all the hype around Sigma products in the beauty community. Honestly, it's because they really are that good. I'm not going to make the "good as MAC but for less $$$" comparison because I don't think that's a fair statement. I think Sigma is great in their own right and that would be claiming they have to live up to whatever MAC does. (Yes, I've heard the copycat argument many times.) I don't think such is the case, so I won't treat it that way. They are simply great quality products, with amazing performance, at a mostly affordable price.

#1 - I haven't found brushes that give me the desired results the way these do. I have everything I need to line, shade, blend, define. I've used many "complete" brush sets and nothing has exceeded my expectations the way Sigma has. 

#2 - The quality stands the test of wear and time. I can wash and dry them and they don't look like the ends of your hair when you haven't trimmed them in six months. I've also never had one fall apart. You know, when the metal comes loose from the wood and the whole thing just goes in the trash. None of that.

#3 - The price. I just can't get over it. I can walk into Sephora and pick any random brush at their amped-up prices and it wouldn't get me the results I know I can get from Sigma. 

On to my favorite brushes. I could say each one is my favorite because it's the best at what it is made to do of any brush I've used. But I'll spare you the lovefest and give you the best of the best. 

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki - I apply my foundation with this every single day. It's perfect for buffing the foundation into my skin to get a flawless finish. It doesn't make me feel as though I'm just rubbing product around my face without getting any results, which has happened many times before.

E30 Pencil - I searched far and wide for a true pencil brush. I had a hard time getting a smoky under-eye area without the classic "I was punched" look. The bristles are loose enough for blending but stiff enough to give you ultimate control of where the product is being applied. It's also perfect for smudging eyeliner or getting a perfectly defined cut crease.

E40 Tapered Blending - The best blending brush under the sun. I feel like I have control over color in my crease with this, but it buffs it out beautifully. Blending never used to be my forte as I could never get it exactly right. I always use this to apply my crease color or to blend everything together in the outer corner. It just makes every look feel more polished.

E25 Blending - While this is also considered a blending brush, it's a multipurpose tool for me. I use it to apply crease color and blend it a bit so it doesn't look too rough, but not for an overall blended effect as I would with the E40. I use this to pat color on my lid as well. It really helps to pack on the color and move it around the lid without flinging product and creating fallout. 

F55 Small Duo Fibre - While also a multipurpose brush for me, I stick to using this on the cheeks. The duo fibre brush is perfect for applying cream blushes and highlighters. It gives cream/liquid products an airbrushed finish. I occasionally use this to apply extremely pigmented powder blushes as well - they don't pick up the amount of product that regular blush brushes tend to, sparing you the clown cheeks.

There you have it. My proclamation of undying love for Sigma makeup brushes. I don't aim to convince you to go buy things because I say, "Hey this is awesome buy it!" even though they are awesome. Just to give you my humble opinion of what works for me and quite possibly, what may work for you as well.

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