High Five For Friday!

After reading many a High Five For Friday post over on Lauren's blog, From My Grey Desk, I finally decided to get in on the action! This week has flown by and with all the basketball there is to watch, I am definitely ready for the weekend!

I attended a taping of WWE Smackdown Tuesday night. You read that right. I accompanied the boy and surprisingly, we had a great time. I haven't watched any wrestling in a very long time, but I knew who most of the people were and overall, it was pretty entertaining.

Wet 'n' Wild has released two limited edition Spring Forward Color Icon palettes. Whenever I hear they've released LE products, I'm on it. I go on the most ridiculous hunts to find these. They're great quality, have a great range of colors, and they're only a few bucks. You can't beat it. The problem is, they are so daggone hard to find. I bought the last of each of these at two different Meijer stores, the only place around here I've found them. The displays only come with four of each, so I'd get them while you can!

Although the weather here would have you believing it's mid-winter, I felt it was necessary to welcome spring with a bright, cheery manicure. Essie Mint Candy Apple, French Affair, and A Cut Above did just the trick!

Hello, my name is Elise and I'm a shoe addict. I spotted these Nine Wests last fall and tried them on once and of course as I go back to buy them, they are sold out everywhere. In store, online, no dice. While I was browsing a Macy's I don't typically frequent, there they were on the super duper sale rack. Cute and comfy shoes that are also work appropriate? Sold.

I couldn't forget to add this guy. Crosley is eight months old and still growing like a weed. One of his favorite things is to play on his back and use his paws like hands to hold a toy in his mouth. It's so fun to watch him play and learn new things.

I hope everyone has had a great week, I hope your Tournament brackets aren't completely busted yet, and TGIF! I'll be back soon with another beauty post!

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    1. I wish they would display more of them. It seems like a bit of a waste for WnW to not offer more - they know they'll sell!