LUSH Holiday Haul!

The holiday season is my favorite time to visit the LUSH in my Macy's. As if it wasn't hard enough to not go  overboard and overflow your basket there to begin with, the seasonal products make it that much more difficult.

I picked up a couple things last year as well and I liked them so much, I had to get more. What was disappointing though is that many of the holiday products are online-only, many of them the products they sold in-stores last year. I was a bit disappointed to find a few of the products I loved last season were not offered this year. I guess other than the things I picked up today, I'll be doing a little online shopping as well! 

If you aren't very familiar with LUSH, I'll give you a little background. The handmade cosmetics company and its products have been in the works for about 30 years, but the official name came about in 1995. They are headquartered in the UK but have stores in over 40 countries. They use fruits and veggies, oils, and even things like vanilla beans in their 100% vegetarian products which are also not tested on animals. LUSH stands by making their shampoos, soaps and other bath and body products from natural ingredients with as few preservatives and synthetics as possible.


I have to start with my staple LUSH holiday product - Snowcake soap. It smells like marzipan and almond icing; I swear it smells good enough to eat. LUSH's product description also says it's infused with rose absolute which is great for dry skin. If I could only ever buy one product from LUSH's holiday selection for all of eternity, this would be it. It's also only available around the holidays, so I'd stock up enough to last until next season!

Melting Snowman

The Melting Snowman has to be one of the cutest products offered for the holidays. How can you not find this just completely adorable? I picked up this bath melt last year as well but he has been a bit redesigned this year. He previously smelled strongly of fruit and marzipan, much like the Snowcake soap, but this year he has a sweet and spicy scent from the addition of cinnamon and clove. This bath melt is also infused with shea and cocoa butters that are great for dry winter skin - just what I need!

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights soap I was immediately drawn to because of the name. I have always been fascinated by the aurora borealis and I will see  it one day! The soap itself smells very fresh and woodsy as it's made with pine needle, cypress, and lime oils. The colors in the soap are so bright and the lime in it is intended to keep your skin bright as well.

Angel's Delight

The Angel's Delight soap is inspired by the English custard called... you guessed it... Angel's Delight. Each piece of soap is unique and very colorful (although my chunk is only pink.) The scent is super fruity and is made with tangerine, coconut, and orange oils. Angel's Delight is also made with vegetable glycerin which helps your skin retain its moisture!

Golden Wonder

The Golden Wonder bath bomb is the last product I repurchased from last year's picks. Before even smelling it, the adorable bow-topped package had me. It's packed with cognac, lime, and orange oils, and when placed in water, it turns your bath water bright colors and even releases little gold stars. The surprise aspect of the bath bombs might be my favorite thing about them. 

Christmas Eve

On to the (new to me) products! I picked up a Christmas Eve bubble bar. This guy is big enough that you could break it in two and save some for later if you wanted. It's made with ylang ylang and jasmine for a very calming effect to settle you in before Santa comes! While many bubble baths can be drying, this product is infused with Irish moss powder to create a hydrating gel to soothe the skin. The bubble bars are my favorite type of product from LUSH and I'm really excited to give this one a go. 

Santa's Sack

The Santa's Sack bubble bar was the first new Christmas product to really catch my eye. The design is so cute and it's one of their bath products that can be used multiple times. You can use the sack portion for one bath, crumbling it under running water, and the two presents can be set aside for multiple future uses, as you just swish them in the water to create bubbles. Santa's Sack is made with tonka absolute and neroli oil which make for a very warm and spicy bath. Another fun fact? It's made with fresh tagetes from marigolds that help soothe dry and cracked skin.

Party Popper
Finally, I bought a Party Popper bath bomb. I loved the colors and especially the surprise inside. What is the surprise you ask? Fizzy popping candy and confetti! But it gets better - the confetti is actually soap flakes made with dehydrated melon. LUSH creators are geniuses I tell you! The product itself has a scent very reminiscent of champagne with tangerine, bergamot, and rose oil in it. This is a New Year's Eve pampering product for sure. 

I'm hoping to head back to LUSH soon to pick up some more holiday products before they're out of season. If you have a favorite or pick any up yourself, what do you purchase?

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