Zoya Blaze Swatches and Review

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. It's so great to spend time with friends and family and be thankful for everything around you. I don't know about the rest of you, but my five days at home went way too quickly! 

I was able to come out of my turkey-induced coma at about noon on Friday to take in the Black Friday madness with the beau. I won't lie - I was extremely excited to get to shop since this is the first Black Friday that I didn't work in years. I'm not one for the 6am door-busters, but I can't pass up the good sales going on all day. 

I ended up with some great finds and I even got about a third of my Christmas shopping done. (I might even be done before December! That's a first.) I found myself at Ulta to buy one prezzie and of course I couldn't leave without picking up some polish. I've been pining over the holos from the holiday Zoya collection after seeing the photos a month or so ago. Let me tell you now - they do not disappoint. 

I've been wearing Zoya Blaze for about a week or so now. I caught on a bit late to the holographic nail polish fad, but better late than never! Blaze is a very cool-toned red holo polish. The best part about holo polishes, and this one in particular, is that it possesses all the shine and shimmer of a glitter polish without the chunky, rough texture or the pain of removal. The holo bits give it a very unique depth. Many of the flecks appear red, so while you get the appeal of rainbow holographic glitter, you also have a deeper element of the overall color.

This polish and all of the holos in the Zoya Ornate collection are super glossy. I have three coats on and no top coat in these photos. The formula was fantastic; no complaints. One coat definitely doesn't do the polish any justice, but at two it's fully opaque and gorgeous. I have on three coats in the photos solely because I had already been wearing it for a few days and had a bit of tip wear before taking the photos. 

My camera was being a bit fidgety and I don't think it captured the essence of the polish. It's not as bright in real life as it seems in the first photo or as berry-toned as it is in the second. I'd say it's a pretty true red. 

I'd definitely pick this up for the holidays, but it's perfect any time! 

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  1. Love the color; so perfect for holidays season! I think it will look goog with LBD too.

    Smile on:)...Classy Pam