Holiday Nails Pt. II - Red and Green Glitter

Back again with the second installment of my holiday nails posts! I decided it was time for something super festive which to me equals red, green, and a whole lot of glitter. The glitter polishes I chose for this kinda match... kinda don't. But that's OK!

I used China Glaze's Ring In The Red from their 2011 "Let It Snow!" holiday collection on a majority of my nails and China Glaze's Winter Holly from this year's holiday collection, "Holiday Joy" for the accent nail. If I wanted these glitters to match, Glittering Garland, which is also from the 2011 collection, has glitter very similar to RITR. 

Ring In The Red is a red jelly base with a mixture of small and medium sized glitter particles. It's definitely thin enough to layer, but if you have the patience, it's great on its own with a few coats. I have a base coat and three coats of Ring In The Red on in the photos. The finish is pretty shiny, even prior to a top coat.

Winter Holly is a pine green and gold glitter polish in a clear base. I think the glitter is a bit too thick to layer over another color, and I only needed two coats for full opacity.

Both of these polishes do require a good top coat, especially Winter Holly, as the glitters suck up top coats as they are known to do. Because Ring In The Red is a more sparse glitter, it is not as rough and sandy feeling as Winter Holly. The texture is unbearable without top coat.

This isn't my favorite holiday manicure I have ever donned, but I do love the sparkle! I think I would have liked it more had I done all red, because that polish is just beautiful. Do you have any go-to holiday glitters?


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