J. Crew Autumn Additions

The cold weather is fast approaching and I've been working on adding pieces to prepare... probably since July. I love summer, but after about three weeks of blistering heat and humidity, I'm dreaming of sweaters and jackets. As far as fall-appropriate clothing is concerned, I don't think a lot of retailers provide me with the "I need everything in here" sensation as much as J. Crew does. I also don't think that sensation will stop until I have at least every Tippi sweater in every color known to mankind. Over my last few trips, I've noticed a couple pieces in particular that my closet is just hungry for.

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Three items here are of the French Hen variety. I have no idea what it is, but they're just so cute and I need them on everything. Little hens wearing berets. Adorable. Clearly, one of the French hen items is an iPhone case. J. Crew iPhone cases are less of an obsession and more of an addiction. I've yet to find one that I didn't think was pretty, and they are quality products. I've had some crappy phone cases over the years and I highly doubt I will ever be able to say that a case from them was one of them. The white areas on them tend to be discolored after a while, but when it's in your hand, in a purse, or in a pocket for the duration of its use, that can be expected.

Skirts are one of my favorite pieces to transition from summer to fall. I could wear dresses and skirts all summer to keep cool and still look put together effortlessly, especially when shorts are just far too casual. Throw on a pair of tights or reach for a longer hem and you're set for fall. I am absolutely loving the colors in this checked skirt. Not only does it scream perfect for the season to me, you could pair it with a few brighter blouses from summer to get more wear out of those pieces and help them look a bit more autumn appropriate.

The jewelry at J. Crew is always fab, but a decent portion of it is $$$. While they are very well-made products, I don't know that I have it in me to invest in trendy jewelry. Occasionally, I come across a piece I adore that happens to not be outrageously priced - and here we have the Crystal Mosaic Skinny Bangle. You could stack/style this for any season. Pink is an all-year color in my book! If it's not quite your thing, it also comes in navy which is totally wearable.

Collars are all the rage lately.  They're on dresses, sweaters, printed on t-shirts, you name it. The Peter Pan collar is specifically popular. Have you seen the Peter Pan necklaces that give the illusion of a collared shirt? I haven't quite jumped on that bandwagon yet, but I am loving this Peter Pan collar sweater. It's so dainty and adds such a cute detail to an ordinary navy sweater. Which navy, by the way, is one of my absolute favorite colors to wear and I think it's universally flattering.

Last, but absolutely and never the least, is the beloved Tippi sweater. Now, I mentioned earlier something about wanting this in every color, but I think I need it in every polka dot, too. I have yet to find a polka dot that I didn't fancy, and this is definitely not an exception. I love the grey and pink color combination. Considering how much love I have for the original Tippi sweater, there's no way this isn't climbing to the top of my fall wish list.

Hope you're having a great day and happy autumn shopping!

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  1. I'm with you on polka dots. I would wear them every day if I could get away with it.