Button Earrings

I've been on a mission to revamp my jewelry collection. It's time to consolidate, throw out all the cheapy earrings from high school that are falling apart or looking dingy, and find a new way to organize and store. Along the way, I found Ivy Lane Accessories on etsy.com after reading a post by Lauren at From My Grey Desk. (If you haven't checked out her blog, do it! You won't be disappointed.)

A lot of the jewelry I buy involves stones and anything that sparkles. I thought it was about time to add some simple and cute, versatile pieces. Gina Kynaston is the brains behind the designs at Ivy Lane Accessories. She creates covered button earrings out of gorgeous fabrics of various colors and patterns. The product is adorable, and not to mention the prices are fantastic and very budget-friendly.

The earrings come packaged in a cute little box and the earrings themselves are placed through thick craft paper with the Ivy Lane logo on it. They're all posts and seem to be really sturdy.

They're super lightweight and can fit on the tip of my finger!

I can definitely say I'll be ordering a few pairs in the near future. There are some different colors and plaids that I think I must hall for fall. If you pick up any, let me know what it is you're loving!


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