Valentine's Day Gift Guide/Wish List

Hooray! It's time for everyone's love/loathe holiday!

Half the population loves it, half of it hates it. It's cool. I luh you, Valentine's Day. 

Here's my theory on Valentine's Day. It's a day about love. Not just love with a significant other, but caring and love in general. Love your friends, your family, your pets. I mean, you should love all these people on a regular basis, but no one ever said Valentine's Day is exclusive to couples. I never hated Valentine's Day even when I was single, then again my mama has always given me a little V-Day gift and made me heart-shaped PB&Js in elementary school... and now I'm hungry. 

Anyway, I thought I'd post a little Valentine's Day wish list/gift guide. These are some things that I wouldn't mind receiving on Valentine's Day and if you're buying a gift for someone else, say a relative or a gal pal, maybe these will help give you some ideas! You can also send your men on over here to check out this nifty gift guide in the event that they have no idea what to get you. Or, if I have any manly men already reading this (which is likely because my blog links are frequently posted on a Twitter account where I talk about sports 90% of the time), hello, and I hope this helps. 

It's also worth noting that there's a theme here. No, every V-Day gift doesn't have to be the color of Pepto and bubblegum, but it's fun and fitting, and I assume most of you reading this probably like pink... because pink. 

Polish / Watch / Body Care / Palette / Bangle / Flats / Earrings / Purse / Perfume / Candle

Hope you lovahs have a fabulous Valentine's Day and just remember... I love you bunches.


  1. I agree. Sometimes I get bitter about Valentine's Day just because it's usually always targeted at couples, and I am the single pringle over here. But, I have embraced Valentine's Day to show love to all of my friends and co-workers.

    And, oooooh, those polishes are so pretty. Gimme, gimme!

    + Marissa @ Awkwardly Marissa

    1. That's the spirit! Those polishes are too stinkin' cute. Glitter and hearts will get me every time.

  2. I used to hate Valentine's Day and view it as Singles Awareness Day until I decided there was no need to be bitter about one day. Now I use it as a way to spoil myself -- buy something I've been wanting, take myself out to a nice lunch/dinner, get a manicure, etc. This year, I'm spending the entire evening with good friends and I'm so excited.

  3. That Rebecca Minkoff tote in Minty is EVERYTHING!

    Like you, I have always loved Valentine's Day. Call me contrarian, but I think some single people love to hate it for the attention they wish they were getting. For 6+ years of my adult life I was single, and I still loved Valentine's Day. Like you said, it's more than spending it with a significant other. If you've got love to give to anyone, that's reason enough to celebrate.

    The girls above have it right. Happy Valentine's day!