Beauty Favorites of 2013

Hello all and happy 2014! I'm about four weeks late with that blessing, but hey, better late than never! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the new year. If I may dwell on 2013 a little bit longer, I'd like to share with you the products that I showed the most love throughout the year!

Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush - My holy grail of all methods of applying foundation. While the Beauty Blender is high on my list, nothing will ever top this baby as my ultimate foundation tool.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - My love/hate relationship with finishing powders stopped here. As a gal that suffers from uber dry skin but still wants something to set foundation, this gets the job done and then some. It's lightweight, doesn't look like cake on my face and does exactly what it says - keeps me looking matte all day. 

Formula X Base Coat - Every polish-aholic needs a good basecoat in their lives and this quickly climbed the charts in my list of favorites. It grips my nail polish like nothing else I've tried. Need a long lasting manicure? Start here. 

Josie Maran Argan Oil - Do you hear those angels singing? They're celebrating my discovery of Josie Maran's argan oil. I redeemed points at Sephora to receive a small bottle of the "light" argan oil and it was magic from the moment that first drop hit my face. My skin's thirst has been quenched. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo - I spent a lot of time in 2013 trying different dry shampoos and being disappointed in each one for one reason or another. Didn't soak up enough oil, didn't smell good, made my hair feel gunky, etc. I stopped trying new ones after I discovered Batiste. Great smell, doesn't make my hair feel dirtier than it already is (because I have no interest in dry shampoo when my hair is, well, clean), and it even gives my roots a little volume. It's a keeper.

MAC Soft Brown - I rediscovered my love for Soft Brown in 2013 and we've had a great relationship ever since. It's perfect for a tiny bit of crease definition, warming up a smokey eye or simply blending out a look.

MAC Gingerly - When I can't think of what blush I'm going to use, I default to Gingerly. It's the perfect peachy, but warm blush I've ever found. I haven't found a look it doesn't pair well with. 

Anastasia Brow Wiz - My little brows have been craving attention for quite some time. I didn't really begin filling in my brows until 2013 and it's amazing how much it can polish your look and frame your face. I tried multiple products before I stumbled on this, and I haven't looked back. The fine tip helps a brow beginner like myself get precisely the look I'm going for. 

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - The most luxurious and creamy concealer to grace my under eye area. Really. It does an amazing job of brightening, covering any dark circles, or hiding that I got minimal sleep and am only awake due to immense amounts of caffeine. It blends flawlessly, too.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - How I love thee, forever and always. I'd like to save you my sappiness and just say this palette has been my go-to for entire looks, just a few shadows for blending, a touch of sparkle, you name it. If you don't have it in your collection... gotsta get it.

BITE Beauty - I bought my first BITE product in 2013 and I'm hooked! It started with the Retsina lipstick, and I haven't found one I haven't liked. The pigmentation is fantastic, they have great lasting power and they glide onto your lips. More, please!

There we have it! The products I discovered and/or loved the heck out of in 2013. Anything you think I need to try for 2014? I have a feeling this is going to be a good beauty year. :) 


  1. After reading your post I decided to try out a foundation brush. I ultimately ended up with one from Benefit but I love it! My skin looks so much smoother than with a cosmetic wedge.

    1. I'm so glad it worked out for you! Brushes really do help to push the product into your skin as opposed to wiping it across the surface, as is the case with many sponges.