Identity Crisis

Hello, my dears.

Today I have come to you to discuss what has been plaguing this blog as of late - an identity crisis. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and sharing all of my thoughts with you and I can really see creating a niche for myself here. However, I feel as though this blog could not live to its full potential based on restrictions I have placed on it... and my lack of web design skills. The name has also posed an issue. 

I myself am a wearer of many hats. The two largest hats of all are sports fan and beauty/fashion lover. I have one Twitter account that I have kept for many years and loved growing and nurturing. However, a large majority of the things posted there are related to sports. I felt like these two worlds were clashing and my fashion tweets were getting thrown into an abyss of sports statistics and it just didn't seem to be working in its favor. I thought to myself... if my readers really wanted to keep up with a Twitter account, would they want to follow me and be inundated with sports just to get a few tidbits from this blog? Probably not. Do most of my sports fan followers want to read about my drooling over a new mascara? Probably not. The best solution was to create an outlet solely dedicated to this blog. The problem with that? Any Twitter handle even remotely similar to "Finding the Grey" was taken. It really got me thinking. Is this a name I really want to stick with? Does "Finding the Grey" accurately describe what this blog and myself are about? 

Minutes later I found myself scribbling buzzwords in my trusty notebook trying to think of something that fit. Chic...midwest...glamour...polka dots...bows? OK, I love bows. Bows and... bows go where... on things? 

And then it hit me. "A Bow on Top." 

A bow on top of anything. A present, a cake, your head. A bow is the quintessential finishing touch. Isn't that what I'm trying to do with my personal style, hair, and makeup? I want it to all come together and to look put together. The bow goes on top and it is finished, complete. 

And so A Bow on Top was born. The new name has catapulted me into creating a Twitter account for this blog, and wanting to redesign to make it match the new vibe. I hope you all like it, and if you're Twitter obsessed like moi, follow along at @abowontop! 


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