Dolce Vita Oxford Look-alikes at Target!

It was a gorgeous Sunday yesterday. Beautiful weather, plenty of football to watch, and yet at one point, you could have found me at Target. Again. It's becoming a problem, I know. As I was buying everything perusing, I came across a pair of adorable oxfords, the Mossimo Osanna Flats. 
I said to myself, "Self, I've seen these before." Then it hit me. The DV by Dolce Vita Mini oxfords I've been pining over. 
DV by Dolce Vita
Same upper color, same sole color, the whole shebang. I was pretty excited about this find. I went home to check online and get the specifics on each shoe, and I found that Target offers a larger selection of colors online. The only colors offered in-store are the grey and pink or black with aqua soles. You can find glitter and cheetah print online, also similar to the DVs. 
So how do the Mossimo shoes actually stack up against Dolce Vita? We have to be realistic here and start with the assumption that Target shoes will never be as good as the real thing. I never go in expecting to find something that mimics a shoe $60 more expensive to be of identical quality and comfort. That being said, the upper of the Mossimo shoe is faux suede and the sole is almost... soft on the bottom. After a bit of wear, I can tell that sole would grind down easily. The DVs do have suede uppers, so they are much softer and more flexible. Both shoes are lacking a bit in the arch support department, but I've yet to find any oxfords that do give great support. As far as overall appearance is concerned, I prefer the look of the DVs, mostly because they don't have the visible stitches along the sole. If you're a lover of the Dolce Vitas like me and don't want to fork over the $80, the Mossimo Osanna are a good alternative at a budget-friendly $19.99.

After browsing through Zappos, I found a couple other look-alikes that also lie in the price range between the two aforementioned brands. Gabriella RochaBass, and Madden Girl all offer something similar. 

If you pick up a pair of any of these, let me know your opinions!



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  2. How weird! My Target JUST put those out, and I was staring at them and wondering why they looked so familiar. Definitely because I used to fawn over those DV's too! Why in the world did my Target wait to put them out, I wonder...