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What exactly is finding the grey? A person? The literal color itself? Finding the grey, to me, is one gigantic metaphor for nearly everything in life. I'm sure you've heard someone tell you at one point or another that "there are no grey areas." An actual definition for a gray area is a "field not readily conforming to a category or existing set of rules." I personally don't think that way. Are there things in life that are cut and dry, right and wrong? Sure. Does everything have to be that way? Not at all.

Many times, it is assumed that if something is in the grey, it's mixed up and confused; a combination of black and white. Life isn't about that certain something that's as plain as day, it's about the journey, right?  I believe that everything in that grey area defines who I am. A happy medium, if you will. It's taking what you have and what you don't have and making the best of it all. In finding the grey in my life, I can find myself as a person, separate from the wants and expectations of workplaces and society.

Finding the grey also applies to fashion and personal style. I'm sure you can find a multitude of books on rules about style, preaching that you never wear black and blue together, or a brown belt with black shoes. You can also walk through a mall and see every trend that's hot right now that you'll hate in six months. These two things can be considered hot and cold, black and white, but personal style lies in that grey area in a combination of these two opposites, and many other factors. I'm in the process of finding that personal style; somewhere between my college wardrobe of sports tees and jeans and a professional wardrobe of slacks and blazers.

Finding the Grey is a journey into life and style blogging. A place for me to put all of my thoughts on the world, fashion, beauty, and the little ideas that run through my head daily. Come along with me, and if the grey area to you represents obscurity, well, who doesn't want to get lost for a little while?

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