Spring Polish Picks 2014

Spring has sprung, the grass has...

Well, the grass is still pretty brown and dead. 

It also technically isn't spring yet. 

But, there's golf on my TV and it's above freezing outside, so guess what? It's spring. 

As is tradition around here, it's time to get my seasonal nail polish picks out! These are colors I have shown much love over the years and I always find myself reaching for each time the weather warms up. While I wear pretty much any nail color at any time of the year, it's always fun to get in the spirit and break out of the vitamin D deficiency-induced depression many of you are experiencing with some seasonally-appropriate shades. 

Do you have any favorites for spring? You know I'd always love to add some new polishes to my collection.



  1. Love these colors! I always stick to neutrals and light pinks...Essie's Gucci Mucci Pucci and Fiji are my tried and true. I really want to try more shades of blue this Spring. Loving the borrowed & blue!

    1. For some reason, I have always looked at GMP and never gotten it. I might have to change that! :)