OPI Eurso Euro and Orly Halo

I'm back with another manicure post!

I have a written list of all the polish I have purchased and have yet to use. Every time I decide to paint my nails, I try to pick something from the list. Somehow... the list never gets smaller.... ;)

Recently I was really in the mood for a deep but bright blue and a glittery power nail. You read that right - it's a power nail.

I decided on OPI's Eurso Euro from their fall/winter 2013 Euro Centrale collection. It's a color that almost borders on "blurple" and could pull more blue or purple depending on your skin tone. It was nearly opaque in one coat, but I put two on for good measure. Two helps the staying power and also gives a gel-like appearance. The formula was a dream. I applied a top coat as well, but it's a super glossy polish on its own.

I chose Orly's Halo as my glitter accent. It's a very fine gold and silver glitter polish which I find is best applied on its own. The glitter is too dense to be layered over a solid color. Because the glitter is fine, it is not extremely rough and was smoothed out nicely with a single layer of top coat. 

I really liked both of these polishes and they lasted about a week on the nails before I noticed any chipping. I can see myself reaching into my collection for both!



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  2. So pretty!