Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palettes

I will willingly admit that I am a total eye shadow snob. I loved my drugstore products in high school, but I slowly converted to higher end cosmetics and no one can ever separate me from my beloved custom MAC palette now. I've found quite a few drugstore foundations, powders, mascaras, and lip products that I adore, but I typically steer clear of the eye shadows. Why you ask? I find that many don't last long, don't have great color payoff, and leave enough fallout on my face for another complete makeup application. 

Folks, I have seen the light. Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes are raved about pretty much anywhere I look. I never thought much of the brand considering it was a go-to in high school, but they have recently come out with some great products that seem fit for any age. There aren't a ton of crazy colors and everything isn't packed with glitter. We're talking every-day colors that have surprisingly great pigmentation and pretty good staying power (with the help of a primer, of course.) If you're looking to broaden your color scheme without breaking the bank, Wet n Wild is definitely for you. 
I will say that finding Wet n Wild is a little more difficult than it used to be. I couldn't find it at two Target stores, two Krogers, and two different Ultas. It seems as though these chains have stopped selling it. I was able to find them at Meijer stores, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and CVS. Some stores had a wider variety of products and some palettes were sold out at the time which resulted in lots of hunting by me! On to the swatches!

Silent Treatment is one of three neutral trio palettes I swatched today. This may also be my favorite of three because I love taupe shadows and the deep shimmery crease color is to-die for. 

Sweet As Candy really does resemble sweets to me with the soft colors. I rarely use pink but at times I've wanted to use it in a look or two, so I know this will come in handy. 


Walking On Eggshells has to one of the most talked about Wet n Wild products. If you need something quick, something you can throw in your purse to touch up later, this is definitely a product you'll want to add to your collection. These are great every-day neutrals for quite a wide variety of skin tones. It looks quite similar to Sweet As Candy, but these are much more neutral than they are pink.

I absolutely adore Comfort Zone. One side has basic neutrals, the other side a gorgeous array of greens... and I LOVE my green eye shadows. All of these palettes have imprints of where they suggest that you use them but you of course you don't have to use them that way if you prefer. I like mixing a lot of the colors on either side together and using them in different combinations. The second shade down on the neutral side was so incredibly creamy. After I touched it, the shadow looked like I had been pressing extremely hard on it because it's that soft. 

Petal Pusher is definitely outside of my normal makeup range. I've never been huge on purple eye shadows,  but I recently saw a tutorial by the lovely Tiffany D using this palette and I knew I had to have it. The beauty of these palettes is that I can get a wide variety of colors for extremely cheap when I know it's not worth paying high end prices. I mean, how much use will I get out of a bright purple that I need to pay $11 to get it from MAC? 

If any of you are makeup snobs like me, I hope I can help convince you to at least give these a shot. I think you'll be as impressed as I was. I've also heard Wet n Wild will have new eight color eye shadow palettes out for the holidays and some have already hit stores. I haven't found them in Cincinnati yet... here's hoping!



  1. Wow- I have always been hesitate to try Wet n'Wild, except for the lip pencil, but ow I am anxious to give it a shot.

    Have you ever used their eye pencils?

    Another affordable line I like is the NYC line at ULTA.

    1. If I have tried their eye pencils, it was probably years ago. I'm strangely picky about liners. NYC definitely has some good products as well.

  2. que colores tan bonitos! los rosas me encantan!


  3. I picked a couple of these up last time I was in the US, amazed be what great quality they are considering the price. Lovely post x New Follower Here!